Multidimensional Lightcodes

Multidimensional Lightcode Activation


 kr.2500 / 333€

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Special offer in algarve/portugal workshop 16-17 oct 144€ !!!

Fully booked!

But if you have opportunity for accomodation elsewhere, you can still sign up for the workshop.

This workshop is for those who are ready to transform into a higher frequency.

In service for the new earth and greatest good of all.

Healing will happen when ready for change.

Disolving disempowering habits. 

Reconnecting and integrating your true power. Start over by taking ownership of your body, mind and life.

You will recieve Channeled soundhealing activating lightcodes of your original multidimensional blueprint.

we will practice:

Toning / Soundhealing

Energy healing


Channeling/ flowwriting


Arcturian techniques

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Special offer in algarve/portugal workshop 16-17 oct 144€ !!!

1-1 session

Healing session for lightcode activation.

75 min.                                                1200kr/ 160€

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